When we mention Granada's craft we can not forget the arabic presence in our city for almost eight hundred years. A presence which has marked not only the origin and the topics but also the tastes an the evolution of the popular art. The workshop of artistic lampshades Hijos de Estévez was founded in 1911 by Master Pedro Fernández Estévez in the well known calle Elvira and nowadays it is located in calle Buensuceso, 37 and it is currently under the management of Pedro and his grandsons. The descendents of the founder form a single team dedicated to the old family tradition.

With a proper specialization combining artistically glass and tin, sometimes more noble metals such a brass, copper or nickel silver, they create lampshades, wall lamps, mirrors, ceiling lamps, windows, and so on. Together with the unique geometric chapes they maintain both sobriety and a pure traditional style.

All the articles made in the workshop are handcrafted. In fact, any decorative article may be made-to-order, especially lighting articles.

In the ESTÉVEZ workshop three generations have created inumerables pieces of crafsmanship, now to be found illuminating and decorating all five continents of the world.